The Warrior is a Child.

Often feel weary and unworthy of calling myself a Christian.  My human instinct is to hide but I have a wonderful husband who covers me through these times with prayer and love, encouraging me to attend church and to pray.

I am so blessed to attend a church where the teaching, preaching, fellowship, worship and prayer is so solid, so heavenly, so God centered.  Further blessed by facebook friends who tolerate my outpourings of angst, who reach out their hands and offer support and encouragement as I struggle against my inner torments.

Then there are those who seem to have an inner knowing, an understanding, of who I really am and who I am to become. They know the mask, the horrible wall built up around me and how much that needs to be demolished so that freedom is accomplished and His great works can begin in me.

I have nothing to offer except thankfulness.

This song was suggested by Alan, a well loved and respected man of God and Pastor in Lincoln, one of those unique people who seem to have a deeper understanding.

Although one would never wish these feelings and places of darkness upon another living soul, it is always encouraging to know that you are not alone, it gives hope when you know many of the people who have struggled at this depth have conquered and triumphed through it all.

I share this with you so that you may also know hope, that whatever you may be going through right now is only temporary and to hold on to that hope that better things are most definitely coming…it is promised.

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  1. Amen… Let us walk in faith into our futures. Beautiful song! I had never heard it but love it.

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