Hearing from God


It is a commonly accepted procedure that when “believing” you have heard from God, that you then chew it over, seek His affirmation and even seek a trusted mature Christian to share with, who will come alongside you and pray with you.

What if you were so taken aback by the audible voice that you struggled to believe in it’s source?  Again!  What if, having remembered after the second event, that you had heard that voice before, but you had ignored the warnings and you continue to rue that disobedience to this day.  You are not likely to make the same mistake twice…or are you?

What if you took this information to a few reliable, mature, Godly folk, and without mentioning names, gave them a description of what happened?  What if they categorically told you that the voice you heard was God.  What if they told you that it was a warning, one to protect you but also to prepare you?

What would you do?

This is what happened this time, and what I did.  Right or wrong, no motives, just me being me, open and honest and always keen to know the absolute truth.  Belts and braces!

Keith and I, were having a meal at a friend’s house and during the meal I was having a fairly in depth discussion with the man of the house, I shall name him Fred for ease of purpose.  Fred then suddenly whipped out his tongue, waggled it between his teeth, withdrew it and said “you know what that means don’t you”.           I was shocked, for the tongue waggling appeared to be sexual.  I chose to deny the possibility of it being so and simply said “no”, Fred then said “you should do”.  I turned to my husband and Fred’s wife, in this case I will call her Wilma, who was serving the dessert, they were in conversation and had not seen the interaction between Fred and myself.  I was about to ask my husband what Fred had meant by his act and words but I was stopped.

We moved on a little and adjourned to the sitting room.  Fred was asked to make the drinks and I requested coffee.  The coffee was presented and once everyone was settled I picked up my mug to drink and suddenly a voice, an actual voice, loud and clear said “don’t drink that Fred spat into it”  I immediately put the mug down.  Feeling very flustered, shocked, and a tad panicked I tried to calm myself.  The other three were in conversation with each other, as was the norm, so my silence did not create attention.  The next thing the voice said to me was so shocking, and I braced myself for more unwanted information on this man.  I sat puzzling as to why Fred had behaved as he did, his sexual overture was not uncommon, he had often made inappropriate jokey remarks to me, and I had always reported them back to Keith, but this was different.  I was longing to get out of the house and speak to Keith

As soon as we were in our car and had driven out of the driveway I asked Keith about the tongue waggling, he immediately told me that in his school days that boys who did that were inviting girls to have oral sex.  Just as I had suspected.  Then I explained all that had happened.  Keith was very quiet but then told me he was uncomfortable with continuing to see his friend.  I assured him that I was happy with his friendship with Fred, but I did not want to see Fred again.  I did not want to come between the two, but I did want to extricate myself from his questionable behaviour.

Over the weeks ahead I became very troubled by the whole thing, I wanted clarification and we asked our Pastor to visit us at home.  I asked him if the voice I had heard was God or was it something demonic?  He stated it was God and explained why I have received the information after the act at the table.  That I should not be troubled by it, but thankful that I was being protected.  We mentioned the scenario to a few other people, always without mentioning names, not that anyone we spoke to would have known Fred and Wilma.  Not  once has anyone even hinted that the voice I heard was anyone but God’s voice.  I have not had any funny looks, jokes, or statements about my sanity or the possibility that the voice was demonic.

I continued to meet with Wilma for the occasional coffee but Keith had written to Fred to say he was bowing out of their regular meetings.  There was no argument, but I guess Fred knew why, for he did not question Keith about his decision.

Eventually Wilma approached me and wanted to know why Keith had withdrawn from Fred.  I told her not to worry about it.  But I discussed it with Keith and we agreed that if she asked me again, we would tell her, together.  She did ask me again, so I invited her to the house, as we did not want her to be told in a public place.  I explained some of what had ensued that night.  (Not the third thing) She said she could not believe it, which I expected, and that she would have to share it with Fred and come back to us.  We said that was fine.  We also told her we had never mentioned their names in the retelling of the story.  She was thankful for that.

Wilma came back to us and told us that Fred had denied all of it.  That was to be expected.  She also told us that God does not lie, so therefore it could not have been God.  She asked me if I had an issue with the friendship between Keith and Fred!!!  As if.  I was beginning to feel rather defensive now, first of all she insinuates that because God does not lie I must therefore be lying, as her husband has not!  Then she creates a motive for me to lie.  Then she tells us that she had taken it to a few close friends who had known them for a long while and they had denied that Fred could possibly have behaved in such a manner.   However, she then stated that she could not tell us what those friends had said about me!  All said very calmly, but oh!

I stood and told her that as God is my witness I have no motive and I only told her because she kept asking, I also told her that I would not lie about such a thing, it was as shocking to me as it is to her.  I also reiterated that I had not told anyone their names, yet she had not bestowed the same respect on us.  She said she could not meet with me again, and that she was sad about that as she enjoyed my company!!!???

Since then, we have bumped into a mutual “friend” of Fred and Wilma’s and given short shrift.  Our name has been blackened.  I find that offensive.  It seems to be the way of the world these days.  If you stand on moral ground you are hauled through mud.  The actual truth is never reiterated but only a version of what happened, their version.

I know Wilma has not have recounted what we told her accurately.  When she reiterated the scenario to us that last time, she said “you accused Fred for spitting in your coffee “.  I said no, I had not done that, I had been told by the voice that he had spat in my coffee.  She then went on to say, “how could you know whether Fred had spat in your coffee, you did not see him make it”.  No, I did not see Fred make my coffee and I did not accuse him for doing such a thing, I simply didn’t drink it for the voice had warned me that Fred had spat into it.  So if she has gone around telling people I accused her husband of spitting in my coffee?…..As for the tongue waggling, that has been put aside, by her, as a licking of lips, despite the fact that the lips were untouched by the tongue!

9gyivm (2)This was the exact expression I was confronted with.

It is hard to stand firm at times, when people can be so disbelieving of what you say or experienced and so forth.  But as God is my witness, what happened, is what happened.  It was God, and no, God does not lie.  Humans lie.  This human is not lying.

I have been told, that if it had not been of God that I would have not continued to grow in Christ but would have withdrawn and been troubled.  I find that so reassuring.

So often one hears folk saying “and God said…..”, which tends to make a listener somewhat sceptical, especially when that listener does not “hear” from God very often and in my case, never in the manner of this particular evening.  I am truly believing that it was God and I will know His voice next time.

This event took place some months ago, and due to the response from mutual friends with Fred and Wilma, I feel the time is right to share the facts of the event, in the very real hope that they, or other’s will read this and hear the truth of what happened.  One friend suggested I leave it alone, leave it for God to sort out, good advice, which I took for a while, but things have developed since then.

What do you think?



  1. Anonymous

    hi Amanda iam in awe that god spoke to you in that situation , you must be doing something right , I would love the lord to speak to me in that way . take care gary

  2. Thank you for reading the post and commenting Gary. I don’t know that it is about doing something “right”. I am certainly not in a position where I think I do anything right, per se, but God knows I am a willing listener and always desiring growth and change in me. The event was shocking and traumatising, especially as I had never heard from God in such a manner, and was unsure of the voice, but now I understand why I was spoken to and am so thankful. Bless you and take care, Amanda

  3. Dearest Amanda: I am horrified that you had to experience this disgusting situation. I am pleased that your husband is supporting you! Your marriage is sacred and deserves protection from this man. Satan knows who to prey upon and I pray that you respond with your spiritual armor and flee! You might want to take down this post, however. I fear that it will get back to Fred and Wilma somehow and never clear your name, create understanding, etc. that you deserve. Clearly the Lord is your defender and knows your heart on this matter. I believe you and that He was protecting you from further disgrace by not drinking that coffee within view of Fred. I am so proud of you for confronting this situation directly. You are a brave warrior! To God be the glory! With love, Julie

    • Thank you so much Julie. Satan knows who is vulnerable, where they are vulnerable and he keys into those areas. Sadly, as you know, (from previous blogs) my entire life has been plagued by sexual iniquity of one sort or another, but I am now released, a friend prayed that the spirit of this “thing” be removed from my life and that I am no longer plagued by such men. I had thought not to post the blog initially, but it stands, with my approval from my husband, in that should Fred and Wilma (or their cohorts) read my blog, which is unlikely, they will be enlightened by the truth of what happened rather than the lies of disbelief they have put about. Yes, thank the Lord for defending me. Thanks, also for good friends. Bless you my blogging friend. with love, Amanda

  4. Brian

    Praise God for yor testimony of Salvation, determination to persevere with God, strength, holiness. I pray now that God will keep his hedge around you and continue to lead you into all truth. You are a light in this world of sickness. I know the type and you should not be astonished in these times. That type is born and crafted to act that way and lie. I had one recently sight my wife as prey. It seems one of Satan’s favorite weapons. Be delivered in Jesus’ name. Though Keith appears to have overseen the final edit, I beleive every word you have said and am bursting with joy and praise for God who gave you this victory. Hallelujah! Why? Because Jesus is Lord and that is what I will praise him with. God please bless this couple and hold them in your arms.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Brian. No matter how many times I am attacked I am surprised by the attacker. I would hate to grow cynical and untrusting. Satan is a master of disguise and we are blessed with discernment. The man was had already revealed himself, but this attack was shocking. Keith does not edit my blogs, but I always read them to him before publishing. God bless you.

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