I read, this morning, on the Christian Concern site, what the Archbishop had supposedly stated to the General Synod..whether the writers viewpoint is correct or not I picked up on this…..

“St Augustine described it so well when he wrote “Thou hast made us for thyself and our hearts are restless until they find themselves in Thee.”
Justin Welby has re-written this theology and implies instead. “Thou made us to do as we please, and the only solution to the restlessness we feel is to change Christian ideas until they conform to secular ones.””

Personally I think Archbishop Welby would have stated the alternative “St Augustines” quote (if indeed he did) as a recognition of how people were using scripture today, rather than saying that is how we, as Christians should be behaving.

Whether you believe in hell or not, the bible teaches us, … to love, obey, give grace as we received it from Jesus, honour our parents (and everyone, I should think), to hate sin, to love truth, to walk in the light (and so much more).

The fear of the Lord is not a random comment, it is a necessary action in our thoughts and behaviour. It does not mean going around being scared of an angry Lord, it means love the Lord first…remembering that we will be held accountable eventually….store your treasures in heaven, (including your obedience) if you hope to enjoy eternity to all that is promised!

I don’t know about you, but I am becoming more and more alarmed at how “the church” is breaking apart on its morality …so many viewpoints, so many factions, so many twists and turns of the most basic commands, so much cherry picking.

First alert was a few years ago when someone declared that we don’t have to be saved to go to heaven….there has been much on that and beyond, despite what the bible teaches. Just because we don’t like what scripture says, it does not mean it has to conform to our here and now! The love of the Lord surely, brings obedience in the deepest desire to please and walk that narrow path so beautifully depicted in Pilgrims Progress?

No one can be perfect, (and I stand as shameful evidence of that fact) no one can be sinless but that is not an excuse, surely, to not bother trying? Stick to what the bible says and don’t make your own one…an idol chosen by you to comfort you in your sinfulness?

The Christian walk never promised to be easy, comfortable.  We sing of freedom.  I don’t think this is freedom to do as we please, but freedom from the weight of our sins, through amazing Grace from God our Father.  We should be mindful of  ourselves.

A fine dividing line between legalism and religiosity v loose living.  The middle line is probably the safest one to walk…narrow but not joyless, winding but not legalistic, pitfalls with temptation but a determination to look up and walk on.



  1. Safe but dull?
    How are you lady? :J

    • Funny, just after my response I received a notification from the First 5 app on my phone….”Sin always leads to bondage”…. Rather be free than in bondage…my “chains” are made up of food…..overeating and eating the things I should not….I’m sure there are many other links in my “chains” of bondage too.

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